We eat, we breathe, we train

We train year round. We have no seasons, we are always on. Some times more mental than physical. Sometimes more social. But at all times, in spirit, on.


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Smart: Exercise makes you fit… mentally.

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A group dressed in uniformed garments; move in unison with clenched fists in rhythmical cadence; each striking imaginary targets with their eyes locked intensely, ignoring everything around them. For those moments they would say they feel, mentally “sharper” they feel “peaceful.”

Youn Wha STL frequently motivates individuals to physically push and the benefits are both physical and mental – But is there any merit or is this all in their heads?

The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress started a pilot program in October of 2012 that supports this long held belief in Martial Arts – Clarity of thought can come from your fitness.

Martial Arts is a wonderful program offering the self paced benefits of an individual sport and the synergic motivation of a group exercise program. Been pretty sedentary? Not a problem. Looking to cross train? There’s lots of option. Could use some direction? Here’s your class.

So how does Martial Arts make your thinking sharper? How does it increase your “Cognitive Function?” The pilot program demonstrated that participants saw significant increases in their fitness capacity (their VO2 max) which correlated with significant improvements in their cognitive functions.

To put it simply, the more blood (and better blood) you have the better the brain can function. Even reversing the normal effects aging can have. Moderate to vigorous exercise seems to have the best results, with frequent intervals of exercise. Higher frequency matters more than single intense workouts. Cross training too ensures you get the crucial elements for fitness such as, strength, flexibility, & cardio.

Comment from the writer: I had to reread the supporting articles a couple times. I’ve decided I need to workout more.