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2014 Missouri State Tournament

Grandmaster Han’s
20th Missouri State Tournament
Leadership: The Power of Character

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Registration has been opened for the 20th Grandmaster Han’s Missouri State Tournament! Rolla, here we come!

We will have competitions in Sparring, Forms, Board Breaking, and the return of Weapons!

Registration this year will be online, and available at GMHMoTournament.com

Tournaments are an important part of your training, they are tests, challenges, and goals; they keep your training relevant and can be a great confidence booster. Simply getting the opportunity to face the fear to perform for others can be the beginning of an avalanche!

This was the idea behind the tournament’s motto. Get some Moxie. Glory. Grit. The power that ripples out from having strong character; simply acting is enough to cause others to act: Leadership.

See you soon

Send questions to: YounWhaSTL@Gmail.com

Grandmaster Han’s 19th Missouri State Tournament: October 26th, Rolla Missouri!

“Round 19th – Fight!”

Registration has been opened for the 19th Grandmaster Han’s Missouri State Tournament!

We hope to make the tournament more feasible this year by offering individual sponsorships, so ‘not having enough money’ is less of a reason not to compete.

We will have competitions in Sparring, Forms and Board Breaking. We hope to see some old friends and some new ones too!

4 Registraion options are available:
Normal Registration. Pay your fee and come!
Sponsored Registration. Have a friendly company pay a sponsorship package, which will pay for your way in… and come! OR Find a friendly company to purchase a sponsroship package and donate the donation to the tournament, which will pay for
‘Seeking Sponsorship’ Registration. Submit your registration, indicating your are seeking to be sponsored – this will pay for you regirstration fee

Or lastly get multiple sponsors, paying your way and helping others compete as well!

Preregistration will enable you to receive reduced registration fees and reduced hotel rates, for more information and to register online:

*Note: the applications did not include the mailing address for registration,which is…
733 West Main Ste B
Fredericktown, MO 63645

Smart: Momentum

PushupMomentum is a powerful idea. Those who utilize this idea find an ease and can perceive a kind of inertia in their decision.  Which explains why you feel frustrated if you stop and start over. Observers might say things like “you are so disciplined” but an individual is not anything that another is not, they simply have Momentum!

For example:

Grandmaster Han once challenged us ‘young athletes’ for days to lean on a chair and do inclined push-ups. Some of the strongest chattered of their accomplishments peaking in the 100-200’s.

After a few days Grandmaster Han pulled up a chair: 1,2,3,4,7,20,80,100,200,400…

…At 600 sweat appeared on his forehead

…At 700 some appeared on his shirt
…800, 900, “997! 998! 999! 1000!” we all cried out and broke into applause – this man in his mid 70’s shamed us ‘young athletes.’

While traveling with him,  he would let us know how that particular morning he awoke and did his morning routine – implying “have you?”

He demonstrated great discipline, but he let us know that he had momentum; it is folly to ‘workout’ chasing an illusion if we are not utilizing momentum.

Momentum is created in as little as a few days.

Consider the importance of eating a good breakfast. People who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight. The decision to eat a high protein breakfast leads to a neurological change to not snack later in the day, in a little as 3 days.

Set a goal of eating a 35g-protein breakfast, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, egg and beef-based products like burritos. According to MU’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, “eating a breakfast rich in protein significantly improves appetite control and reduces unhealthy snaking on high –fat or high sugar foods in the evening.”

Knowing you can develop Momentum is a powerful weapon. The greatest difficulty in starting something is in the beginning. If you know this, then you know that there is an end to that difficulty.  In fact, you can know that engaging this challenge daily, you can overcome it in less than a week, and will find that it gets easier; easier in a way that it feels as if you are being carried along.

Train hard. When it gets easier, train harder and the momentum will carry you with more swiftness.

“Train more harder.” – Grandmaster Han


Smart: 18-25 & Satisfied?

YounAdultRunningMoving out. Getting a job. Paying bills. Having a life. Making a life.

The Highs and Lows of entering this next stage in life is exciting and exhausting. How in the world does someone keep up with the excitement of freedom and the looming clouds of responsibility that goes with it? Tada! Your science teacher at Pennsylvania State University has the answer – work out.

Their results posted in the journal of Health Psychology confirm once again that fitness is a good indicator for satisfaction. Not only are you happy with your body, but it has a magical way of simply turning a cloudy day bright.  This specific study focused on “Emerging adults” and pointed out that this group of people regularly lacks in their sense of well-being. The wise words from the Professor concluded “…we recommend that people exercise a little longer or a little harder … to boost satisfaction with life.”

Youn Wha STL offers a variety of martial arts programs mainly those taught by Grandmaster Man H Han. Often heard or in the words of Grandmaster Han, in his Korean accent, “Train more harder!” It’s wonderful. This martial arts organization has a peculiar way of saying something simple later revealing all the benefits. It’s a peculiarity you see in most classes, people sweating, straining, and regularly saying things like:

I didn’t feel like coming today, but Wow, I am glad I did – I never regret it!