We eat, we breathe, we train

We train year round. We have no seasons, we are always on. Some times more mental than physical. Sometimes more social. But at all times, in spirit, on.


The 2015 Missouri State Tournament is coming and we want you to show us how you prepare. Selected contributors will be entered at the tournament’s raffle – you don’t need to be present to win (and no purchase necessary)

Send us your best quality clip of your training.  We want 10 seconds. Send us clips between 3 and 10 seconds of your intense, crazy, (or ‘boring’), unique, awesome,  disciplined,  in-group,  or solo clip.


Each video should be submitted with an email address and or phone number. Title your video file with your last name. Multiple submissions allowed.

-High quality videos
-3-10 seconds long
-show us you are training, in a group or solo
-title the video file with your last name (one submitter’s name)
– submissions should include (preferrably) both email and phone number
-by submitting your video you agree to its promotional use and allow for commercial use without compensation.

Submit your clips:
Email: YounWhaSTL@gmail.com